Sailors for Hope Supports Haitian Health Foundation




Here at HHF, our values of respect, honesty, compassion, and commitment are reflected in all our activities. As always, we promise to continuously work towards the well being of children, women, and families to promote good health in their communities. We promise all our donors and supporters that HHF will use their generous donations for their intended purpose.


Sailors for Hope is providing $2000 from it’s General Fund to support the work  of the Haitian Health Foundation.

HHF brings healthcare services, education, and sustainable development to a population of over 250,000 people in over 100 rural mountain villages in Haiti.

Haiti now faces a humanitarian catastrophe:

  • Armed gangs have taken control of much of the country.
  • Fuel, medicine, food and other essentials are nearly impossible to find.
  • With little clean water and a lack of sanitation, cholera is resurging.

Many in the country are starving:

  • Although malnutrition has always been endemic in Haiti, it is now approaching famine – comparable to countries at war.
  • The food that is available is extremely expensive.

The population is living in fear:

  • Crime and brutality are a daily threat to families struggling to survive.
  • Most banks, stores, and schools are closed due to the curent socio-political unrest.
Despite these problems, Haitian Health Foundation continues to provide healthcare to a growing number of patients as more people flee the cities for the countryside and as more charitable organizations close due to the increasing challenges.
To date, HHF has had no trouble from protests, looting, or violence. We are
a trusted neighbor ~ people know that we deliver on our promises.
They’re still so much to do, but HHF continues to change lives ~ one person at a time.

Please help. This link will take you to directly to the HHF website where you can donate.

Thank you
Donald Makowiecki