Sailors For Hope is a non-profit 501(C)(3) public charity incorporated in the state of New York, USA. All donors may deduct contributions as provided in IRC 170(C)(3) of the US Tax Code. EIN: 82-2942982

How to Donate to Sailors for Hope:

Donate With Your Credit, Debit or Paypal® Cards

To donate to a specific Sailors for Hope project, go to Charities & Projects and select a partner or project.

Donations made to the General Fund will be used to run the website and to provide support to those charities, organizations or individuals most in need.

Wire Funds with Zelle®.

If you have a bank account that is based in the US, and do mobile banking, you may be able to wire funds via  Zelle® using your mobile phone banking app. Send the funds to You will receive a conformation from your bank when the transfer has been completed. There are no fees to use Zelle®.

  Learn more about Zelle® here.

ACH Wire Transfer.

If you would prefer to send an ACH wire transfer, Contact Us and we will email you our Routing and Account information.